Team and Partnerships


Simon Tshimbalanga, engineer, President and CEO

Donald Saindon, B.Sc. geographer and GIS specialist Vice President

Pierre Simoneau, M.Sc. geologist Regional Director for Ontario

Totalling more than 90 years of experience in geophysics.

Over twenty experienced technicians and labourers.


Logo SNG

SNG (Société Nouvelle de Géophysique) Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Jean- LIKANE-YAGUI, President and CEO

Simon Tshimbalanga, Engineer , associate.

Logo Thermoroc

Thermoroc inc. and Les Forages Liegeois inc. Valleyfield

 Alain Zubrzycki, M.Sc. Geophysicist and Economist Président

Logo Devbrio

Geophysics Devbrio

Jean-Christophe Ricard, Engineer

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